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Sessions take place at your home (indoors and/or outdoors), or at another outdoor location like a local park or downtown area. Either way, we'll aim to capture spontaneous, candid moments, as well as some more classic and traditional shots.


Children are extra special. They're my favorite people, and if you ask any of my previous clients they'll tell you that my sessions with kids feel more like playtime than a photo shoot. I love the spark of life and innocent fun that all kids possess; even quiet, shy kiddos have their own special light that shines.

Taking the time to play and have fun, and having the patience to let kids get used to the me and my camera, makes all the difference. My goal is to capture a range of emotions; happy, thoughtful, amused, curious, surprised, serious... the dear expressions and characteristics that make your child unique.

Children of all ages are welcome, as well as sibling sessions. Parents, pets, and other family members can join in some shots too; contact me at helloblissphoto@gmail.com for more details.


The best time to book your newborn session is during your pregnancy. This ensures availability on my calendar, and then we await your big day. Since babies are rarely predictable, your booking allows me to work in your session within the first 2 weeks after your delivery. You'll need to contact me within a day or two of your baby's birth so we can schedule the shoot. Newborn sessions need to occur when baby is still sleepy and easy to pose so I can get those sweet, curled-up shots (preferably between days 4-10).

Plan on a relaxing session with plenty of time for diaper changes, feeding, and snuggling. Mom, dad, and siblings are welcome to join in for some special shots. Newborn sessions average 1-3 hours, varying greatly based on the personality of the brand new one! If I come to your home, we'll find the best lighting throughout the house... and don't worry, I won't even notice the pile of laundry except to move it out of the frame (I'm a mom, I get it!). You'll get lots more info about what to expect and how to prepare in your welcome packet once you've booked your session.

Click here for information on Bliss Belly & Baby Plans.

If you find me after your new arrival is born, I still want to photograph your new bundle, and will do my best to fit you in! Contact me at helloblissphoto@gmail.com


Pregnancy is a beautiful and awe-inspiring time for all expectant mothers. Photography during this time is about capturing the glowing wonder of a burgeoning new life. I take special care to guide "my" mommies with wardrobe and posing to ensure stunning images they're ecstatic to share. The best time for your maternity session to take place is when you are around 30-34 weeks along; the earlier you contact me, the better, to ensure we can schedule your session for the optimal date.

Partners and other children are welcome to join in. Maternity sessions can take place at your home, or a local venue such as a park or urban area. We will discuss your visions and preferences and choose the perfect location. Most of these sessions last 1-2 hours, and outfit changes are always welcome!


For senior portrait info, please email me at helloblissphoto@gmail.com.


I can customize any kind of session for you. My style is relaxed, nontraditional and a little silly... I'm not going to ask you to sit quietly, stare at the camera and say cheese. I can even help you out with head shots for work and your modeling portfolio.


I am proud to offer special sessions for military families facing deployment, families with a terminally ill member, and hospital sessions for infant bereavement/memorial photos (if I am not available for this urgent need, I will help you find a local photographer who is). If you know such a family, please pass along the information so that precious moments can be captured.